Where photoshoots end...
...3DMöbel begins.

Virtual Photo Shoot?

Conventional photo shoots have some advantages. However, when it comes to tasks like showing 100 variations of a piece or, even more challenging, showing an unmanufactured prototype, they fall short… and that is where virtual photo shoots by 3DMöbel come in. Instead of taking your furniture into a studio and photographing it in the traditional way, you can just send us two or three mobile phone snapshots. From these, we create high-quality marketing images that you can use on your website or in your catalogues.

By “high quality” we mean…

…creating the same atmosphere and level of detail you can achieve with conventional photo shoots, if not better. We use 2nd generation rendering which means that you cannot tell the rendered images from the real photos any more.

Want to play a little game?

In order to show that we walk the walk, we prepared a game where you get to see a couple of images and renders and you have to tell them apart. So far nobody was able to do that. If you think you could be the first one, ask about our game and join the challenge!

Cantilever chair from the back (2) Grey leather in fine detail.
Close-up of the seating High level of detail with blur effect.
Cantilever chair from the front Medium level of detail with grey fabric.
Cantilever chair from the top Grey leather from a different perspective.
Cantilever chair from the back Red leather in fine detail.
Close-up of the backrest High level of detail - seams are visible.

Use Cases


10 variations? 100 variations? 1,000 variations? We can visualise every product option you have. If you think you need more than just images, check out our configurator.

Prototype, not yet manufactured.

Is your furniture produced in another country? Is it still in development but you do not want to wait a month to start marketing it? 3DMöbel has the solution. Send us concept drawings and material samples and we will create the same images (if not better) that you would have got if you had waited another month for the furniture to be produced.

Hard to furnish.

Wallpaper, carpets, kitchens… creating even one marketing image for these requires a lot of effort. We take away all the hassle so you do not have to worry about organising a photo shoot or furnishing the rooms any more.

For the brave.

These are just a few use cases where our ultra-realistic visualisations can come in handy. In fact, our solution can completely replace photo shoots. Once we have created the different environments, you do not have to pay for them again; they belong to you (unlike photo shoots, where you have to book a location each and every time).

The Configurator

For the advanced.

If you think that simple images cannot express the variations of your products well enough, check out our Photo-realistic 3D-Configurators.

In one place.

You can now have every variation of all of your products in one place. After we have created your customized configurator, you can directly integrate it into your website using only one line of code. No plugins, no unnecessary installs… what’s not to love?



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